ACRC is committed to helping improve the quality of life of older people through sharing experiences and improving communication channels.

Aged Care Report Card was inspired by the United Nations Principles for Older Persons, established in 1991, a Declaration on the Rights and Responsibilities of Older Persons which recommended that all member governments incorporate them into their programs for older people.

The United Nations General Assembly summarised the Declaration as follows:

‘Add life to the years that have been added to life by assuring all older persons: independence, participation, care, self fulfilment and dignity’
ACRC is celebrating the 25th year since the UN released these principles and given that so much has changed over this time, we have been inspired to reinvigorate these principles to accommodate for these changes which can be found on our Responsible Care Campaign page.

We are building a trusted community of providers who have made a responsible care pledge and are showing older people, their families and the industry that they are leading the way to improve communication channels and promote choice, control and transparency.

Responsible Care is the commitment of like-minded senior care providers and services to collectively work together to support seniors and strive for excellence in care and aim to deliver care above the minimum standards to support all older people.

One of the UN principles highlights how older persons have the right to quality of life. While quality of life is defined differently by different people, the values are universal; people want to remain as independent as possible, and be involved in the decisions that affect them.

Which raises the very notion of what makes someone feel they have quality of life?

We won’t know if we don’t ask the question. An important part of quality of life is the desire to enjoy ongoing social connection and experience the continuity of self and preservation of self.

Kate Swaffer Co-founder and Chair of Dementia Alliance International and proud supporter for ACRC, is backing the Responsible Care campaign.

“I’ve seen the worst, and the best, and a lot in between and the time is now that we need more transparency and much more accountability. In this environment of increasing consumer directed care, providers will ultimately be forced to move beyond working to minimum standards, and some consumers are already now demanding it. Doing the right thing should always be at the forefront of care.”

To learn more about ACRC’s Principles of Responsible Care contact 0405 220 267 or visit our Responsible Care page


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