Gold Coast police are investigating the details of a disturbing incident after it was alleged that a group of teenagers bashed an elderly woman who tried to tell them off for coughing and spitting on other passengers on the bus.

This story was first brought to light on Facebook over the weekend when distressed a woman shared details of the alleged bashing involving her “beautiful friend who is in her 70s” who was on her way to The Pines Shopping Centre.

The post claims that a group of youths that were aged 11 to 13 years old began coughing and spitting on bus passengers before finally being confronted abut their behaviour by the elderly woman.

The woman was then apparently set upon by the group of youths who put the elderly woman on the floor of the bus and then attacked her with a series of punches and kicks to her face and body.

One of the most disturbing claims regarding this story was that nobody – including the other male bus passenger or the bus driver – helped the woman during her attack and that the gang of youths managed to flee the bus.

The woman claimed that the elderly victim was taken to the hospital with the help of her son, and that police did have CCTV footage of the incident which showed a clear vision of the attacker’s faces.

HelloCare has reached out to Queensland police for further details regarding this investigation but had not received any further news at the time of publishing.

In an article from The Chronicle, it was revealed that the incident was reported to the Palm Beach Police Station on March 19 and that investigations into the matter were continuing.


Photo credit – iStock- Randomerophotos

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