An elderly woman has been knocked to the ground and robbed in a frightening altercation with two men at her home at the Woodcroft Caravan Park in South Australia. 

Eva Donlon, 82, appears to have been deliberately targeted, as two intruders posing as tradesman held the grandmother down and put a hand over her mouth while they stole the majority of the $6500 that Ms. Donlon had won hours earlier from gaming machines at the Lonsdale Hotel.

Ms. Donlon’s ordeal began at 7.30am on Tuesday morning when one of the intruders gained entry to the cabin after convincing her that he worked for the caravan park and had to come in and check the water. 

A second intruder then burst through the door, knocking the grandmother to the ground before covering her mouth in an attempt to stop her from screaming for help. 

Bravely, Ms. Donlon made the decision to fight back against the cowardly men and used a heavy leather shoe to hit the man that was holding her down, before grabbing ahold of his thumb and bending it backwards in an attempt to break free. 

Sadly, the man who was ransacking the home managed to locate the majority of Ms. Donlon’s pokie winnings which were hidden in a drawer, as well as making off with a separate stash of money that the grandmother kept to pay her caravan park site fees.

The two intruders fled the scene a short time after the attack in a black SUV and detectives are reviewing CCTV in local areas in an attempt to identify the two intruders.

While there is virtually nothing positive to come out of this situation, HelloCare have decided to set up a Go-Fund me page in an attempt to raise some funds to cover the cost of the money that was taken from Ms. Dolon – and anyone one who wishes to donate can do so by clicking here > Donate   

.. and anyone that can’t donate can still help by liking and sharing this article.


Photo Courtesy of 9 News

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