A shocking report via the Daily Mail has revealed that a Victorian in-home care worker has confessed to raping an elderly grandmother in her own home.

59-year-old Simon Prodanovich launched his cowardly attack at the victim’s Mount Waverley during one of his regular in-home visits.

Mr. Prodanovich had been employed to assist the victim’s wheelchair-bound husband who was living with various ailments and in need of care.

The attacker entered the couple’s family home on January 12 of this year to give the elderly man a sponge bath, before setting his sights on his elderly female victim.

The 83-year-old victim told Mr. Prodanovich that she required her medication to help with her legs, but he told her to ‘forget about the meds’ and convinced the elderly woman that a leg massage would be better.

Mr. Prodanovich then wheeled the victim’s elderly husband out into the lounge room and away from his wife, before going back into the room and raping his elderly victim while she begged him to stop. 

The cowardly attacker quickly fled the premises after the sickening incident and denied the incident when questioned by police. 

Unbelievably, Mr. Prodanovich then tried to shift the focus of blame onto his elderly victim, claiming that her allegations were ‘totally false’ and suggesting that she had made them up out of revenge because he refused to rub lotion on her. 

Mr. Prodanovich continued to stick with his bogus story until DNA evidence that was recovered from the elderly woman’s injuries revealed the evil truth and he was forced to confess.

He pleaded guilty to rape in the County Court of Victoria and could give no explanation for his horrific crime, telling a psychiatrist that the offence was a ‘brain fade.’ 

The elderly woman’s children read out heartbreaking impact statements that detailed the profoundly horrible effect that the attack had their mother. 

Mr. Prodanovich’s Barrister, Ian Crisp, said that his client was ‘ashamed’ of what he did, and argued that the attack was a spur of the moment occurrence and not premeditated. 

County Court Judge Susan Pullen questioned the defense’s claims, highlighting the fact that Mr. Prodanovich wheeled the victim’s husband out of the room as an indication that he had planned the callous attack. 

Mr. Prodanovich remains in custody and is awaiting sentencing this Thursday.

He faces a maximum of 25 years in prison. 

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