Geriatric recliner chairs

Marie Thevelin, Moments Healthcare Furniture

Moments Furniture was founded in Belgium in 1935 as Braekevelt. They quickly earned a strong reputation as a specialist in the development and production of care furniture and as an advisor for the design of complete care interiors.

Moments Furniture features a collection of geriatric reclining chairs comprises a selection of stylish, mobile models that ensure outstanding comfort, whether the user is reclining or in an active sitting posture.

Smart Bed -Assisting aged care workers to turn residents.

Leng Leng Leng, Senior Manager idsMED
idsMED Group is one of the largest integrated solutions providers of medical equipment, supplies and services in Asia. idsMED Group has an extensive distribution network covering various healthcare institutions including government and private hospitals, day surgery centers, specialist and primary care clinics, laboratories and nursing homes.

Real life application of assistive technology.

Allan Ho, Senior Manager at NTUC Health

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