A good meal can satisfy your hunger, lift your mood and be a focal point for socialising – and this is very much the case in aged care homes where sharing a hearty meal can be the highlight of a resident’s day.

But the key thing here is the definition of a “good meal”, something that many aged care residents may not be having.

There are initiatives out there looking to improve the food service of the aged care sector. The Lantern Project, led by Cherie Hugo, hopes to ensure that aged care residents eat a balanced and well-nourished meal that is appealing and appetising.

The video (below) interviews everyday Australians and ask them their opinion of the pureed food that is often served to aged care residents with swallowing difficulties. The footage has been produced to “highlight a few current facts that we know can certainly change for the better with community input.”

On average, aged care facilities spend $6.08 per person per day on food.

Currently, over 50% of aged care residents are malnourished. The Lantern Project are trying to create a new attitudes towards for with the introductions of finger foods, edible gardens, and, where appropriate, buffet meals as well as staff eating with residents.


What changes would you like to see in the food of aged care facilities?

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