Many might believe that social media is only geared towards teens and young adults, and older audiences are not very welcome to share and post. However, there are a few grandmothers right now that are proving that belief wrong, and are ruling the social media world.

Many of these older women are embracing social media and becoming popular personalities on platforms such as Instagram and Youtube. They have a dedicated fan base and are working hard to cultivate a personality that is not defined by their age – here are the 4 that you should definitely know!



Emiko is an incredibly stylish 93-year-old Japanese grandmother that has everyone in awe of her modeling shots on Instagram. Emiko rose to social media fame when her daughter, designer Chinami Mori decided to use as her model in her latest designs on Instagram.

Mori’s distinctive style, which features vivid designs and a cornucopia of rainbow colors coupled with her grandmother’s modeling has helped them both gain a significant following.

Mori was filled with praise for her grandmother when interviewed by Instagram for their blog, discussing how happy her grandmother is to show off her granddaughter’s designs and how much fun they have working together. With her infectious smile and adorable posing, Emiko has quickly become a social media star.


America’s Baddie Winkle

Possibly the most famous of the older generation of social media, 88-year-old Baddie Winkle has risen to fame very quickly thanks to platforms such as Instagram. Known for eponymous quirky style and being the “baddest granny around,” Helen Van Winkle aka Baddie Winkle is carving out quite a name for herself – and is simultaneously helping the fashion industry embrace older women.

With her cult following of 3 million, her account is peppered with photos of her edgy and trippy style. She is proof that women all of ages can rock any outfit (and color) they so choose, whether it is acid colored crop tops or multicolored fur.

Baddie Winkie has also become a fashion and celebrity favorite thanks to her unique personal style. Miley Cyrus invited her to attend an award show as her guest in 2015 and she has become a mainstay for many different fashion brands. She recently became the face of teen brand Missguided and describes herself as a “‘savage with a golden heart’.”



Again proving that with great age comes great skill, 106-year-old Indian grandmother Mastanamma has become a Youtube sensation for her cooking skills. There is nothing fancy involved, dressed in simple traditional clothes, Mastanamma cooks amazing food from her stove and has managed to gain 557k followers along the way.

Her greatest passion is food and she has been able to share that with her massive following, and her videos have garnered about 52 million views. With simple, provincial dishes and absolutely nothing fancy involved, people in her local village have been able to experience her skills firsthand. But thanks to social media and Youtube, people around the world are able to share her passion and learn from her culinary experience.


Zhang Hexian

Zhang is another example of age bringing great skill, and hers can pack a punch – literally. Having practiced martial arts and kung fu for over eighty years, Zhang has an immense passion for it and has not let age slow her down. She has instilled a sense of discipline in her life in order to perfect her art and continues to practice kung fu.

Videos of her practicing have gone viral and she also currently teaches kung fu to others in her village. She has fast become an internet sensation in China and around the world for her skills and acumen while living in rural Zheijang.

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