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Nick Loudon
Nick Loudon Apr 23, 2018

Aged Care has Breached Community Trust

A wakeup call for the industry There is no doubt that the overwhelming majority of providers and workers within the industry consistently deliver quality services – but we can and should be better. There is also little doubt that the Aged Care Industry has been impacted by government policy and funding changes over recent years. However, it cannot reasonably be argued that government funding settings are the sole cause of all the industry woos.  For many providers it’s crunch time...
Nick Loudon

Nick Loudon

CEO And MD Of Seasons Group

Nick is the CEO and Managing Director of the Seasons Group. Nick has over 35 years clinical and executive management experience. Nick has a unique knowledge and skill set which transcends almost every sector of Australian Health and Aged Care sector; includes private, public and government owned organisations.

Nick Loudon
Nick Loudon Mar 2, 2018

Aged Care Apology

We look forward to an apology from those most vocal in effectively denigrating ALL aged care providers based on what happened at Oakden. - Grandstanding Politicians of all persuasions - Self-serving media outlets and ignorant commentators - Journalist - South Australian Ministers for Health (past and present) The Aged Care Industry, providers across Australia, look forward to a public apology for the damage caused to the reputation of the entire industry and every individual who works in it. As totally unacceptable as the circumstance of Oakden...
Nick Loudon
Nick Loudon May 8, 2017

The Real Meaning of Consumer Directed Care

One of the Seasons residents is a 94 year old war veteran – let’s call him Nev (he’d be too embarrassed if I identified him). Nev, a sergeant, is a veteran of World War 2, he fought at Tobruk and El Alamein, in the jungles of Papua New Guinea and later trained the ANZAC Para troops before they were dropped behind the lines into Borneo. Nev is now almost completely blind, and mobilises with the use of a wheelie walker, but...
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