Mathieu Bertrand
Mathieu Bertrand Mar 8, 2017

How a Personal Tragedy Inspired the Need to Help Others

In September 2015 my wife and I quit our corporate jobs and started creating a new organisation that would change the lives of people in the community. Focusing on social integration of vulnerable and isolated people who really just want to get out, meet people and have a good time. This is my story: Life was pretty great, I was 25 and had been living in Sydney with my girlfriend, Jenna for 2 years. I am originally from a small...
Mathieu Bertrand

Mathieu Bertrand

Co-founder Of Home Care Heroes

Mat is one of the co-founders of Home Care Heroes. Both his parents were diagnosed with life threatening illnesses and as an only child it became difficult working full time with two adult dependants. Mat realised there was a massive gap in the market. At the time he wished there was someone who could check in on his parents, look out for them and help with every day tasks beyond making sure their medical needs were being met.

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