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Caroline Egan
Caroline Egan May 20, 2019

Adapted bikes put nursing home residents back behind the wheel

When people say ‘it’s just like riding a bike’, they’re usually referring to an activity that once learned, will always be remembered. Scarlet House Care Home, in Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom, with the assistance of Wheels for All, has made that expression a practical reality - providing bikes for aged care residents to ride, even though some haven’t ridden for nearly a century! “I loved it,” said resident Marion as she cruised the nursing home corridors, in a...
Caroline Egan

Caroline Egan

Caroline Egan has been a writer and editor for more than 20 years. She has worked across several sectors, including banking, finance, economics, real estate, and aged care. She was Managing Editor at Macquarie Bank for several years, and also spent a number of years presenting financial market news on television and radio for CommSec. Caroline loves playing Scrabble, going to the movies with her funny children, and walking in nature.

Caroline Egan
Caroline Egan May 10, 2019

Have sanctions become less effective as a way to fix non-compliant nursing homes?

  Recent reports of an aged care facility being sanctioned for the second time in less than a year have raised questions about both the quality of audits and the effectiveness of sanctions in returning facilities to compliance. Dr Rodney Jilek, who has been a Principal Advisor at Aged Care Consulting and Advisory Services for 11 years and works with aged care providers who have failed accreditation audits to help return them to compliance, told HelloCare that sanctions are no...
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Caroline Egan
Caroline Egan May 8, 2019

Aged care resident physically restrained and medicated without consent

The royal commission has heard a respite care resident at Garden View nursing home in Sydney’s Merrylands was regularly restrained and medicated without consent during his nearly two-month stay. Michelle McCulla and Natalie Smith recalled the harrowing treatment their father, Terry Reeves, received at Garden View nursing home during a respite stay while their mother travelled overseas. Mr Reeves was given antipsychotic medications without the family’s consent and was physically restrained in a chair with a lap belt for up to...
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Caroline Egan
Caroline Egan May 7, 2019

Litany of mistreatments revealed as royal commission hearings resume

Aged care providers have reported more than 112,000 incidents of substandard care, the royal commission has heard. Monday’s hearing in Sydney also heard of missing medication, a lack of translation services for overseas-born residents, and an elderly woman trying to change her own soiled continence aids. Mr Gray QC, counsel assisting, said residential aged care providers have reported more than 112,000 incidents of substandard clinical care in response to the commission’s request for information. Of those, nearly 68...
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