Mark O'Toole
Mark O'Toole Sep 18, 2016

Life Sorted – How Can a Financial Planner Help You?

Life sorted. That is the potential that aged care planning can provide. More and more people are beginning to consult their financial advisers to finalise their aged care strategy. And this is very important considering that when the time comes to actually move into aged care, there is no time to plan. Sudden falls, injuries, dementia or death of a partner are all instigators for moving into aged care, and none allow an opportunity to undertake extensive planning. How can...
Mark O'Toole

Mark O'Toole

Founder–Managing Director

Mark O’Toole has over 25 years of experience in providing financial advice to high net worth people and families, including extensive experience working with executives in senior management roles. Mark successfully lead the business and its clients through the peaks and troughs of a number of economic downturns, including the 2008 GFC. Mark O’Toole established his own business in 1998 and continues to strive to provide high quality advice aligned with his client’s values and best interest.

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