Val French
Val French Sep 11, 2016

The Changing World of Families

Once upon a time extended families lived together. The “maiden aunt” helped out, looking after babies and young children, often preparing delicious meals – which was a tremendous asset to any family. Mum and dad could go to work, enjoy their sports and social activities knowing the children and in fact the whole household was cared for. These days, children often leave the family early - living in a shared student accommodation, living with friends or in an apartment on...
Val French

Val French

AM M.Lit.Stud BA

Val French, is a journalist by profession and by inclination. Co-founder and foundation President of the Queensland Council of Carers (Carers Queensland) and one of the Founders of the first National Carers Association. She established Older People Speak Out at the media’s request to represent and connect older people’s organisations and the media in 1993 and has been President ever since.

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