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Raymond Gouck
Raymond Gouck Jan 19, 2017

Will Stubborn Silos Threaten the Quality of Aged and Disability Care?

Back in 2014 I encouraged the aged care and disability sectors to “move out of the silos” and share services, including sharing staff. I believe more firmly than ever that this needs to happen. I said back then there are undoubtedly common skills and attributes required of workers from both sectors. I suggested that a whole-of-industry workforce plan would provide for flexibility in the sector, making it easy for staff to cross over, work across both sectors and help alleviate...
Raymond Gouck

Raymond Gouck

CEO Of Omnicare Alliance

Raymond Gouck is a business development strategist. He is Chief Executive Officer at HDRC Services and Joint CEO of Omnicare Alliance, where he is leading both organisations through a series of major changes in the human services environment.

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