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Mairead Dunne
Mairead Dunne Jan 19, 2017

Get to Know Mairead Dunne – Female Nurse, Entrepreneur and Mindset Development Coach

Family bonds in Ireland I grew up in Dublin, Ireland. I was the eldest of four children, with two wonderful parents and an incredible supportive extended family. My grandparents on both sides of my family have always been the centre stone of our life. I have very fond memories of them - from the special ‘almond finger’ biscuits that were bought for Nana’s visits on Fridays, to my granny Jo’s amazing cooking (her pavlova the best ever) and my granddad...
Mairead Dunne

Mairead Dunne

Founder Of Spritz Mindset

Mairead is the Founder of Spritz Mindset. She has a wealth of experience acquired over the past decade as a Healthcare Professional, and ongoing involvement in this industry, Mairead has seen the direct correlation between mindsets and health. Her involvement in the care of patients primarily in the final chapter of their life has given her a precious insight into the fragility and wonder of life. This insight highlighted the importance of understanding and developing empowering mindsets and is her driving force for her mission to embed ‘mastery of the mind as the essential life skill for all’.

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