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Lauren Todorovic
Lauren Todorovic May 5, 2020

Who is listening to residents in the aged care visitation debate?

As the government and aged providers grapple over the way forward on visitor access in aged care homes, we’ve heard from families but have we really heard from the voice of residents? Over the past three weeks, we have conducted public polls and private surveys with over 5,000 aged care residents, relatives, frontline workers and aged care providers. Results from these surveys initiated by CarePage have shown that the majority of family members and residents are supportive of the...
Lauren Todorovic

Lauren Todorovic

Founder And Director Of CarePage And HelloCare

Lauren has worked in the healthcare industry working for over a decade from clinical to managerial roles across acute, palliative care and aged care services. A highlight of her career was setting up a community dementia care service at one of the leading private hospitals in Victoria. A previous young Melbourne Hub Shaper, an initiative of the World Economic Forum and a Masters of Health of Human Services Management graduate. Last year she was awarded as one of Australian Financial Reviews Westpac 100 Women of Influence.

Lauren Todorovic
Lauren Todorovic Nov 24, 2018

All Things Technology In Aged Care, From Food Quality, IOT and Social Connectedness

Modern technology can be daunting for some elderly people. Are we potentially leaving those older people behind that can't access the interweb? Hear from Peter Williams, CEO, Centre of the Edge, Deloitte #ITAC2018 Forgetting appointments and contacts is often an early symptom for people with dementia. What research is being done to help people remember their daily activities? Hear from Professor Anthony Maeder, Flinders Digital Health, Flinders University #ITAC2018 Food quality is often one of the most talked about topics...
Lauren Todorovic
Lauren Todorovic Nov 6, 2018

Aged Care 101 – what every good carer should do before leaving a resident’s room

Caring for older people takes a special someone, that cannot be denied. We often hear from the elderly and their families that the quality of care in an individual facility is dependent on the carer or nurse rostered on that day. After speaking with a number of nurses and carers in the field, we have come up with 5 things that every carer can do to make the day of the elderly that often find it hard to do these...
Lauren Todorovic
Lauren Todorovic Mar 8, 2018

“While women today can vote, we’re still working hard on the pay and work hours front”

The theme for International Women’s Day 2018 is “Leave no woman behind” - young or old this applies to all, so let us take a moment to celebrate the inspiring women in our lives, past or present. Our wise grandma's, nurturing mother's, caring sisters, loving girlfriends and even the amazing men in our lives that support us to be ourselves - today is a great day to reflect on them. The origins of International Women’s Day are somewhat unknown. But...
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