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Anne Ring
Anne Ring Jan 1, 2019

Ageing seen bleakly through a glass half empty

I have been wrestling with a recently read 2017 Guardian article about Miriam Margolyes. It’s an interview through which the well known actress “wants to break open a conspiracy of silence about ageing,” and specifically that “nobody tells you that old age is going to be shitty.” As anyone reading my columns knows, my view is that it is actually no more shitty, nor more great, than any other age. But she is a notable identity whose work...
Anne Ring

Anne Ring


Anne Ring is a columnist with Older People Speak Out, run by Val French. She has worked as psychologist, anthropologist, sociologist and researcher variously in medical education, media analysis, body image and ageing. She has a Bachelors, Masters and PhD degrees. Anne is a happily married mother of three and actively involved grandparent of six. She has always enjoyed writing and now does so through both contributing articles and working on a book about positive aspects of ageing.

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Anne Ring
Anne Ring Dec 7, 2018

Art imitating life: in praise of the Murphy Brown reboot

Who knew that writing an article about the new iteration of Murphy Brown would broaden my education? And sharing that with you, just in case it’s also news to you, it turns out (according to Wikipedia) that the phrase that I’m familiar with, that “life imitates art”, was not only first voiced by Oscar Wilde, but was done so in opposition to the Aristotelian mimesis (which, apparently, means imitation or copycat) that “art imitates life”. And with the Murphy Brown...
Anne Ring
Anne Ring Nov 16, 2018

Christmas is coming, and it’s time for grandparents to be revolting

Christmas is coming, and it’s time for grandparents to be revolting: But that doesn’t have to be bad news! Grandchildren might not be over the moon by my suggesting that their grandparents should be revolting against the giving of toys that are sexist and/or short-lived plastic rubbish that is played with for a nanno-second in comparison with their long and indestructible life in our planet’s already overwhelming mountains of unrecyclable landfill. And I can understand their disaffection as I’m writing...
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Anne Ring
Anne Ring Sep 14, 2018

You sexy [old] thing! (In real and reel life – check out ‘Book Club’)

  There is a general perception that, for older people, there is one topic that belongs wholly, solely and firmly in their memories: their sex life. But, as highlighted in The Sydney Morning Herald in 2013, it turns out that that is something else that the young see differently from the old. In the words of then 71-year-old Ita Buttrose, “I don’t know what young people imagine will happen to them when they get older. There is plenty of evidence...
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