Anne Ring
Anne Ring Oct 21, 2020

Reversing the curve (of the back): Part One

My mother was a beautiful woman, marred only – as she aged – by an increasingly curving back. Into their 90s, her older sister constantly berated her, telling her to stand up straight. But she didn’t. And, seeing how it looked, I resolved that wouldn’t happen to me. But it has. And lately it’s been my daughters suggesting that I should straighten my back. Which I’ve tried to do, especially as the mirror doesn’t lie, and I could see for...
Anne Ring

Anne Ring


Anne is currently contributing to the Benevolent Society’s national EveryAGE Counts Campaign, which has characterised her as a 'crusader for ageing'. She has worked as psychologist, anthropologist, sociologist and researcher variously in medical education, media analysis, body image and ageing. She has a Bachelors (Psychology and Anthropology), Graduate Diploma in Health Education, Masters (Anthropology) and PhD (Sociology) degrees. Anne is a happily married mother of three and actively involved grandparent of six. She has always enjoyed writing and now does so both through contributing articles to a number of online sites for older people, and having recently completed a comprehensive book about ageing well, which has been accepted for publication.

Anne Ring
Anne Ring Sep 9, 2020

The evergreen and deciduous varieties of friendship

How many of us take our friends for granted? In a good way, I mean. That they are there for us and with us in so many ways, with many of those heightened in these pandemic times, when we are asking about each other’s welfare, entertaining each other with items that make us laugh, or think, or both, staying connected through phone calls, Facetime or Zoom, and then – eventually – being able, if we live close enough, to get...
Anne Ring
Anne Ring Aug 18, 2020

Books, books, books – a fun way of turning the tide

Books have always been an integral part of my life. Back in the day, children such as I were called book worms. Is that still a thing amongst the digitally-hooked young today? Anyway, I was, and I still am, one such, now balancing my reading between loyalty to physical books and the convenience of ebooks. And my general practice with books that I’ve read and own is to keep them. All of them. Which means a lot of books, stored formally on...
Anne Ring
Anne Ring Aug 11, 2020

Keeping on the straight and narrow during COVID-19, hard though that might be

Suddenly, the reality of the ongoing nature of the pandemic has been highlighted by the flare-up of COVID-19 in Victoria, and the threat of it in NSW. And by the increasingly stringent protective measures by the other states and territories, trying to keep safe. Consequently, as responsible citizens, it has become incumbent on all of us to do all the right things as our personal contribution to stopping the spread. This includes following all the instructions set down by our...
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