Phil Usher
Phil Usher Dec 18, 2020

Recognise the warning signs in our older relatives this Christmas

As families draw closer to celebrating the festive season, a leading aged care and lifestyle care community pioneer says Christmas is the perfect opportunity to not only spend time with your ageing loved ones but monitor them in greater details. Odyssey founder and CEO Phil Usher says as families congregate over the holidays in close quarters, a more accurate assessment of whether care needs for seniors needs to be considered. “Over Christmas we have time off and can sit back...
Phil Usher

Phil Usher

Phil’s Mum, who passed from dementia-related complications, was the driving force behind Phil wanting to spend his life creating an alternative to traditional aged care. When Phil was considering an aged care home for her, she told Phil she didn’t want to live in a box, she didn’t want to be told to get up at a certain time and live a regimented life. She wanted to be able to keep her dog, Honey, to have family stay. She didn’t want someone washing her delicates, she wanted privacy and dignity. At the time, Phil couldn’t find a place that offered her the kind of life she wanted, so he made improving aged care my odyssey. If it’s not good enough for the people Phil loves, it’s simply not good enough. Phil’s determination to create the best alternative to aged care led to a fresh, heart-centered approach known as a Lifestyle Care Community. He wanted to give the power back to the residents, put people first where you have your own home in a lifestyle-orientated community, couples stay together, pets are welcome, grand kids have sleepovers, and most importantly – your comfort, dignity and independence are the first priority.

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