Janine Dixon
Janine Dixon Nov 2, 2020

New modelling finds investing in childcare and aged care almost pays for itself

In the absence of an official analysis of the impact of the budget by gender the National Foundation for Australian Women has this morning published its own gender analysis of the budget, across multiple dimensions. It finds the government has invested heavily in things that will mainly benefit men, including apprenticeships and traineeships (two-thirds of which are taken by males), the construction of physical infrastructure, and tax breaks for the purchase of assets that will primarily assist the male-dominated industries of mining and...
Janine Dixon

Janine Dixon

Janine Dixon is an economist at the Centre of Policy Studies, Victoria University. He has worked as a research fellow at the Centre of Policy Studies, first at Monash University and then at Victoria University, gaining extensive knowledge on the theory and application of large scale computable general equilibrium (CGE) models and labour market forecasting using CGE models.

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