Lisa Cowley
Lisa Cowley Oct 21, 2020

It is okay not to be okay: CEO shares her personal experience during COVID

On Tuesday 6 October, I cried at work. I was on a zoom call with a bunch of other CEOs from the sight loss sector in the UK. I cried because things felt hopeless and I didn’t have my shit together and someone asked if I was okay. Do you know what happened? It resulted in us all talking about how none of us were okay. We talked about how we have spent the last six months fighting to keep...
Lisa Cowley

Lisa Cowley

Lisa Cowley is the Chief Executive Officer of Beacon Centre, an organisation that helps people living with sight loss in innovative ways, from teaching blind people to read and write through braille in the 1800s to training in modern manufacturing techniques today. Lisa has always worked within the Charity sector, including at the Black Country Living Museum and The British Horse Society.

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