Catherine Bennett
Catherine Bennett Oct 14, 2020

Where did Victoria go so wrong with contact tracing and have they fixed it?

Victoria’s contact tracing system has faced criticism in the past for being inefficient, with officials flying to NSW in September to learn from that state. Comparisons are difficult in a pandemic because each outbreak has its own unique characteristics. That said, there are some key features that underpin the differing responses of NSW and Victoria when it comes to contact tracing. Fundamentally, NSW’s system of decentralised local area health districts meant when the second wave hit, that state was able to draw on teams...
Catherine Bennett

Catherine Bennett

Catherine Bennett has a distinguished career in public health practice, research, academic governance and teaching. Catherine joined Deakin as Chair in Epidemiology in 2009 after eight years with the University of Melbourne as Deputy Chair of the Academic Programs Committee in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, and Director of Population Health Practice in the Melbourne School of Population Health. Prior to that, Catherine worked with the New South Wales and Victorian State Governments in a variety of senior positions, including Olympic Public Health Coordinator for Northern Sydney. Catherine was also the founding Chair and President of the Council of Academic Public Health Institutions Australia.

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