Dr Rodney Jilek
Dr Rodney Jilek Oct 22, 2020

“Prepare – I mean really prepare”: An insider’s advice from the COVID-19 front line

Last month, Dr Rodney Jilek, managing director of Aged Care Consulting and Advisory Services, spent four weeks in Melbourne assisting aged care homes battle outbreaks of COVID-19. Without hesitation, he and his team made the commute to Melbourne to help his colleagues during the unprecedented crisis. He missed spending Father’s Day and his 50th birthday with his family and was away for the final weeks of his wife’s pregnancy. His team remains in Melbourne where they have been since 17...
Dr Rodney Jilek

Dr Rodney Jilek

Dr Rodney Jilek is a Registered Nurse with 30 years’ experience in the delivery of clinical care services to Older Australians. He has held executive roles in government as a Clinical Advisor, Compliance Officer and Compliance Officer and has also been employed in a number of senior executive positions within the aged care sector with several large and small residential aged care providers. He is currently the Managing Director of Aged Care Consulting & Advisory Services Australasia, a Sydney based consultancy providing assistance to the sector predominately in governance, accreditation and regulatory compliance. He is currently in hotel quarantine after travelling to Melbourne to assist with the management of the COVID-19 aged care outbreaks.

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Dr Rodney Jilek
Dr Rodney Jilek Sep 24, 2020

What is the real problem behind the failures in aged care in Australia?

While there is an enormous effort from many parties to point the finger at others there are three major factors that have contributed to the demise of aged care in this country - A failure of funding, a failure of delivery and a failure of regulation. This position is based upon nearly 30 years in the sector, working for providers, working for government as a Compliance Officer and Clinical Advisor and as the guardian of a resident living in an...
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