Rachael Wonderlin
Rachael Wonderlin Sep 22, 2020

16 things I would want if I got dementia

If I get dementia, I want my friends and family to embrace my reality. If I think my spouse is still alive or if I think we're visiting my parents for dinner, let me believe those things. I'll be much happier for it. If I get dementia, I don't want to be treated like a child. Talk to me like the adult that I am. If I get dementia, I still want to enjoy the things that I've always enjoyed...
Rachael Wonderlin

Rachael Wonderlin

Rachael Wonderlin is a dementia consultant with Dementia by Day School. She works with companies, including remotely, that crave energised and tailored dementia care solutions—companies that want to be different. She is the author of two books, 'Creative Engagement' (2020) and 'When Someone You Know is Living in a Dementia Care Community' (2016), both published by Johns Hopkins University Press. Her online program, Dementia By Day School, educates staff about dementia in a fun and engaging way. Rachael trademarked the phrase 'Embrace Their Reality', and she teaches it in a way that allows care partners and staff to live in the world of the person living with dementia. Her blog, Dementia By Day, speaks to both organisations and the families and residents they serve.

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