Nick Dyrenfurth
Nick Dyrenfurth Sep 18, 2020

Staff and families need a seat on the board if we are going to fix aged care

Australians are right to be ashamed of our nation’s aged-care crisis. We owe our elders so much better. They are repositories of wisdom, vocational knowledge and tradition. They reared us, cared for us, built our workplaces and economy, defended our nation in war, and made us into the people we are. Yet the ongoing royal commission into aged care has revealed that not only was the sector completely unprepared for COVID-19, but it also is still not prepared for renewed...
Nick Dyrenfurth

Nick Dyrenfurth

Dr Nick Dyrenfurth is the Executive Director of the John Curtin Research Centre. He is a former academic and the author or editor of nine books. Dr Dyrenfurth is also a leading media commentator, having written for The Age, The Saturday Paper, The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Financial Review, Daily Telegraph, Canberra Times, and The Monthly. Previously he has worked as a Labor Party advisor and speechwriter as well as having acted as a commentator on television and radio. He is an Adjunct Research Fellow in the National Centre for Australian Studies at Monash University in Melbourne, where he attained a PhD in Australian history.

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