Nir Menachemi
Nir Menachemi Sep 11, 2020

Coronavirus is hundreds of times more deadly for people over 60 than people under 40

How deadly is SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19? And what are the risks of death for people of different ages and demographics? These have been hard numbers to calculate during this pandemic. To calculate the true death rate – more accurately called the infection–fatality ratio (IFR) – you would simply divide the total number of coronavirus deaths by the total number of infections. The problem is that with so many asymptomatic cases and limited testing for much of the pandemic, finding the true number...
Nir Menachemi

Nir Menachemi

Nir Menachemi is a Professor of Health Policy and Management at IUPUI. His research examines how organizational strategies (e.g., health information technology adoption) impact critical performance measures, including quality outcomes and financial performance. He has published extensively on health policy and public health topics ranging from obesity issues to the impact of various laws or policies on health outcomes.

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