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Alayna Hansen
Alayna Hansen Sep 3, 2020

Contact tracing for aged care workers

This article is sponsored content During the COVID-19 pandemic, contact tracing has become an essential tool to prevent the spread of the virus, particularly in workplaces such as aged care where support staff can come into close contact with seniors who are vulnerable to infection. MePACS Solo for Duress is now available on the Samsung Galaxy Watch or via an App. With contact tracing, GPS and 24/7 emergency response, it’s an intuitive and powerful alarm wearable that is designed to keep teams...
Alayna Hansen

Alayna Hansen

Alayna Hansen is a Digital and Social Media Specialist at MePACS. She has a passion for public health and science communication, with a knack for storytelling and visual media. When she isn't writing, you can find her in the aisles of record stores and vintage markets.

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