Emma Hall
Emma Hall Oct 20, 2020

Survey finds just one in five trust the aged care system but there are good news stories to be found

A new survey has found that only one in five Australians trust the aged care system, revealing a negative community perception of the sector that needs to be addressed. The report, from insights agency Faster Horses, is titled ‘Inside Aged Care’ and surveyed over 2000 Australians. It found that although there have been improvements in the ways that aged care is perceived by the wider community, a lot more needs to be done to change negative perceptions and highlight the positive...
Emma Hall

Emma Hall

Emma Hall is a freelance writer and communications professional with eight years' experience. Her writing about health, fitness and lifestyle has appeared in several print and online publications. Emma lives in Melbourne, where she spends time going on long runs and drinking a lot of coffee.

Emma Hall
Emma Hall Oct 19, 2020

Blue Zones deliver the secret to a longer, healthier life

‘Blue Zones’ are regions of the world where people live longer. These areas of unusual longevity have long fascinated researchers, as they try to ascertain what these locales have in common that result in the long-lasting health of their residents. Blue Zones were first discovered by the demographer Professor Michel Poulain and the medical researcher Dr Gianni Pes, who identified that the Nuoro province in Sardinia had a higher concentration of male centenarians than anywhere else globally.  Since then...
Emma Hall
Emma Hall Oct 13, 2020

“In my five years of caring, I never slept one whole night” – a new study looks at how sleep deprivation impacts carers

Family caregivers, particularly those caring for people living with dementia, are suffering from sleep deprivation and a range of related health problems.  New research from Edith Cowan University, published this month, has shed light on the extent of the problem, finding that 94% of participants in the study experienced sleep disturbances.  It’s a problem that can go on for years. An Australian-first study to solve the sleep problem The new Edith Cowan University (ECU) study was led by...
Emma Hall
Emma Hall Oct 12, 2020

Residents lose ‘forever home’ as facility unexpectedly closes

An aged care facility in rural Queensland has announced its imminent closure, devastating residents and their families. The Inglewood Aged Care Service will close by the end of the month, giving residents only three weeks to move out. Families of residents say they have been let down by Churches of Christ in Queensland, who run the aged care home, and repeatedly assured families that the facility was not closing. Inglewood Aged Care Service is located 150km south of Toowoomba, in...
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