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Ian Rose
Ian Rose Aug 28, 2020

Care is a two-way street: Val and Shirley

In this delightful new segment, Ian Rose chats with a carer and a "caree", sharing their stories and the bonds that have developed between them. Val is eighty years old, housebound, and living with chronic pain. Shirley has been performing homecare services for Val, mornings and evenings, around 5 times a fortnight, for nearly three years. Here, they talk to Ian Rose about a professional relationship which, after a rocky start, has evolved into a friendship that enriches both their...
Ian Rose

Ian Rose

Ian Rose is foremost a storyteller. His passion for people and diversity has seen him work as an actor, facilitator, coach and writer. As an actor he played lead and supporting roles in film, TV and theatre. As a facilitator he specialises in presentation and communication skills and delivering learning experiences that are highly engaging, memorable and effective. As a writer he has written features and columns for magazines, leading newspapers and news and lifestyle platforms.

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