Vative Health Care
Vative Health Care Aug 7, 2020

More training needed for our care workers for COVID-19 infection control

*This article is sponsored advertorial content* The devastating outbreaks of COVID-19 in aged care facilities in Sydney and Melbourne have raised important questions about infection control preparedness and training. Aged care facilities have always taken infection control seriously. Outbreaks of illnesses such as gastroenteritis or influenza have for decades been controlled with strict hygiene protocols and visitor lockdowns. However, COVID-19 has presented us with a whole new challenge, one that Australia should have been prepared for as we witnessed the disastrous...
Vative Health Care

Vative Health Care

Vative Healthcare was developed by two nurses wanting to make a difference to the healthcare industry through empowering staff to make positive changes in their organisation. Rather than the tradition top-down approach, they believed a ‘galaxy’ approach of both bottom-up AND top-down would receive the best patient outcomes. As Australia’s population ages, we must continue to provide the highest quality of care to meet our patients’ needs whilst maintaining a robust nursing skills mix. Our programs have proven success in increasing staff engagement, which improves workplace morale and serves our purpose to provide exceptional patient care. With our extensive Healthcare experience and our passion to deliver excellence in quality care, we will support your organisation to reach its greatest potential.

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