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Dr Maggie Haertsch
Dr Maggie Haertsch Jul 28, 2020

Careers in Care: Cynthia Payne

Dr Maggie Haertsch, (PhD) recently sat down with her friend and colleague Cynthia Payne to chat about her career, how she went from personal care worker to CEO and how she helps guide other women who are making an impact in the aged care industry. Here is what she learned. Although women account for more than 80% of direct care roles in the aged care sector, senior management and executive roles are still dominated by men. Cynthia Payne is helping to...
Dr Maggie Haertsch

Dr Maggie Haertsch

Dr Maggie Haertsch (PhD) has a doctorate in Behavioural Science in Medicine starting her career as a nurse and midwife. She has been writing for health and aged care for over two decades. Her love of words includes writing fiction and poetry. She has produced independent documentaries broadcast on ABC and is the manager of Eileen Kramer, who at 105, continues to produce dance, art and literature. Maggie loves long distance hiking, learning Italian, dogs and scrabble.

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