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Sensory Wizard
Sensory Wizard Jul 27, 2020

Immersive sensory experiences a bridge to resident wellbeing 

  We all benefit from having our senses stimulated, and that doesn’t change as we grow older. But for aged care residents, sensory stimulation can become more challenging due to health conditions that restrict mobility and strength, or cognitive impairment, such as dementia, that can affect the senses. Our senses help us navigate the world, providing our brains with information that is essential for us to survive.  Those living with dementia can experience impairment of their senses (such as...
Sensory Wizard

Sensory Wizard

Sensory Wizard provides high quality sensory interactive projections to all ages from childhood to elder care. Sensory Wizard is a proud partner and exclusive Australian distributors for OMI systems, pioneers of motion activated sensory technology Our products provide calmness or stimulation and purpose for individuals whose senses are affected. This could be children who live with Autism, adults with special needs or those living with dementia. Our products can also be tailored to adults who do not live with dementia but are living in an aged care home or retirement village. For aged care homes, our fully customisable interactive projectors are an ideal addition to your lifestyle programmes so you can fully engage all your residents. With an emphasis on motion-activation our interactive projection games provide inclusive sensory activities that reward any level of participation, no matter how small. Our interactive projection products include floor, ceiling and table projections systems. Sensory Wizard can also supply playgrounds to be installed in aged care homes or retirement villages for the grandkids or the local kindy or school children who visit, creating a truly intergenerational environment. Imagine the moments of pleasure as the residents and children use the interactive projections as well as traditional playgrounds together. We design and build sensory playgrounds to your specifications and needs. Within the bespoke environment of your choosing you will be able to control colours, sounds and images. We can incorporate calming rooms to reduce anxiety or stimulating, engaging rooms combined with a choice of interactive projectors which can project on various types of surface. The design is limited only by your imagination and needs.

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