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Fiona Williams
Fiona Williams Jul 11, 2020

“Each of these ‘little boxes’ in the locked down Melbourne Towers holds a story”, nurse opens up

Each of these ‘little boxes’ in the locked down Melbourne towers holds a story. Someone who matters. We are listening and we care. The past two days I have had the privilege of being one of a team of nurses from Knox Private Hospital providing COVID swabbing for the residents of the towers. This pandemic brings out the best in some and the worst in others. These past two days I’ve been lucky to see countless examples of the BEST! Day...
Fiona Williams

Fiona Williams

Registered Nurse, Know Private Hospital

Fiona Williams is a Registered Nurse at Knox Private Hospital. Fiona shared her story about what it was like working at the Flemington Towers in Melbourne to support the hundreds of individuals and families in strict quarantine. This is her story.

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