Peter Moran
Peter Moran Apr 21, 2020

How Moran Engadine handled COVID-19 case

Friday 20th March, 2020 is a day that will be firmly etched in the memory of the Moran Engadine team and its residents, it was the day that one of the much-loved resident community was confirmed as positive COVID-19. A 78-year old resident complained of a mild sore throat just three days earlier and as a precaution was placed in isolation, then screened for a range of influenza and respiratory virus’ including COVID-19. When the positive COVID-19 result was returned...
Peter Moran

Peter Moran

Peter Moran, Managing Director of the Moran Health Care Group has spent the last 10 years putting his personal stamp on the family business. Today we see a much smaller portfolio of four homes, which have been designed to create Moran communities focused on enabling residents to live well whilst receiving the specialist care and support they need. The original Moran Health Care Group was established by his parents, aged care innovators Doug and Greta Moran in 1956 and although many of the business values remain the same. Today’s Moran Health Care Group embodies Peter Moran’s passion for the aged care sector and reflects his personal vision and innovative thinking. Peter believes that by taking a personal interest in residents and their family experience he is connected and focused on what people really want and what is important to them. Peter is a familiar face amongst residents, staff and visitors as he is a regular visitor to his homes. He is also not shy when it comes to picking up the telephone and speaking to residents or their family members about any matter.

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