End of life Care
Dr. Melissa Bloomer
Dr. Melissa Bloomer Apr 15, 2020

How To Start A Conversation About End of Life Care

There’s no doubt, the Coronavirus Pandemic is changing every aspect of life. Very few Australians, aside from those who have lived or fought in conflict zones, will have experienced a threat of this scale before. It is also likely very few Australians have faced the very present threat to their own health in this way before. It may explain why Australians aren’t very comfortable talking about death – or our own deaths specifically. Australia is widely-known as a death-denying society...
Dr. Melissa Bloomer

Dr. Melissa Bloomer

Dr Melissa Bloomer has more than 20 year experience as a registered nurse in intensive care (ICU), general acute and sub-acute care settings. Since joining Deakin University in 2016, her primary research interests have included end of life care in acute and critical care environments, including management, communication between clinicians and with family, decision making and the preparedness of nurses to deal with dying and death.

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