Dr George Margelis
Dr George Margelis Mar 3, 2020

Partnership targets technology to resolve aged care’s critical issues

The Aged Care Industry Technology Council (ACIITC) is focused on harnessing Innovation and Technology to create more sustainable and higher quality Aged and Community Care in Australia. Today at the National ITAC Conference in Brisbane, Dr George Margelis, Independent Chair of ACIITC, and Dr Victor Pantano, CEO of the Digital Health Co-operative Research Centre, announced ACIITC would join a leading collaborative partnership that is working to resolve many of the Aged and Community Care sector’s most critical issues through the greater...
Dr George Margelis

Dr George Margelis

Dr George Margelis is a medical doctor with strong experience in software development and marketing. He has an interest in improving quality and delivery of healthcare using information technology. Dr Margelis is currently involved in the development and implementation of innovative healthcare solutions delivered over the internet. His specialties are medical and health related software application development and management.

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