Dr Leanne Hassett
Dr Leanne Hassett Feb 23, 2020

Virtual games help people stand and walk in rehab

Virtual reality video games, activity monitors, and handheld computer devices can help people stand as well as walk, the largest trial worldwide into the effects of digital devices in rehabilitation has found.  Our participants used on average four different devices while in hospital and two different devices when at home. Fitbits were the most commonly used digital device but also tested on people in hospital and at home were a suite of devices like Xbox, Wii and iPads, making...
Dr Leanne Hassett

Dr Leanne Hassett

Dr Leanne Hassett is a Senior Research Fellow in the Institute for Musculoskeletal Health, School of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine & Health at the University of Sydney. She is also a Senior Lecturer in the Discipline of Physiotherapy at The University of Sydney and is the Team Leader for the Neurology teaching team. She is also a current NHMRC TRIP (Translating Research Into Practice) Research Fellow and holds an honorary research fellowship role in South Western Sydney Local Health District where she worked as a clinical physiotherapist in neurological rehabilitation for 17 years. The focus of her current research is to reduce the global epidemic of physical inactivity, focusing on people with disabilities from neurological conditions. My research addresses this problem through evaluating innovative delivery of healthcare, evaluating new technologies and exercise interventions, and identifying, promoting and evaluating appropriate opportunities for physical activity including disability sports.

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