Pat Garcia
Pat Garcia Jan 14, 2020

Unlock housing wealth to fix aged care

If we want to get serious about actually fixing our broken aged care system, we'll need to start by confronting some hard truths. So here’s one: the aged care funding crisis is now so deep the government can’t realistically fix it with taxpayers’ money. To understand what I mean, take a quick look down the abyss. Let’s start with the soaring need for home-care packages. These packages are designed to help seniors who want to stay in their own homes...
Pat Garcia

Pat Garcia

Pat Garcia is the CEO of Catholic Health Australia, Australia’s largest non-government group of health, community, and aged care services. Pat has a wealth of experience in public policy development, public affairs, and the law. He has worked in the private sector as a financial analyst and corporate lawyer, in the public sector as a senior adviser in the Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet and Captain in the Australian Army Legal Corps, and as a political strategist in the Labor Party and in the Office of the NSW Premier.

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