Dr Neil Peppitt
Dr Neil Peppitt Sep 9, 2019

Government must prioritise older Australians oral health

Mouldy toothbrushes, untreated abscesses and dirt-flecked dentures:  not exactly the embodiment of the way a humane society should look after its vulnerable members. They are, however, symptoms of a growing problem in Australia – how do we preserve the oral health of our older people? Oral health may not head the top of priorities for older Australians about to enter care or receiving care in their homes, but it should be high on the list of pressing matters for the...
Dr Neil Peppitt

Dr Neil Peppitt

Adjunct Associate Professor Neil Peppitt is currently a Clinical Professor at The University of Sydney School of Dentistry whilst maintaining a Specialist Prosthodontic dental practice in Sydney. His training and practice is in all areas of Prosthodontics; Crown and Bridge, Partial and Full Dentures, Maxillofacial prostheses, Implants and Jaw function and he has run many postgraduate and continuing education courses. He is a clinical consultant to a range of dental companies. He has been involved integrally in the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons and numerous state, federal and international boards and committees. Neil has been on the Board since 2015, and is President of the Australian Dental Association NSW Branch.

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