Simon Kerrigan
Simon Kerrigan Aug 1, 2019

Remember the Physical Therapy Subsidy?

  The aged care community and its consumers are desperately searching for positive change. A significant determinant of the current stagnated system is the current funding tool. That fact has been recognised and is in the process of redevelopment. But have we been too quick to completely discard a valuable idea due to its close association with the Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI)? The “Physical Therapy Subsidy” was a great idea and there’s some very good reasons to consider its...
Simon Kerrigan

Simon Kerrigan

Simon is the Managing Director of Guide Healthcare, an allied health services provider and staffing solutions company working within residential services, community support and the disability sector. Simon is a physiotherapist who works passionately to promote the education and empowerment of residents and their communities, with a view to achieving better healthcare outcomes. Simon is currently a LASA Next Gen Ambassador for NSW.

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