Mistreatment results in malnutrition: the faceless abuser in aged care

Appearing before the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, DAA CEO Robert Hunt and Sharon Lawrence APD called for nutrition to be elevated within all aspects of aged care to help reduce the devastating impact of malnutrition, which is currently prevalent in approximately 58% of older Australians. Speaking in Cairns, DAA provided evidence of the significant levels of malnutrition in aged care, and the critical nutrition improvements needed to ensure better clinical and quality of life outcomes for...
Dieticians Association of Australia

Dieticians Association of Australia

The Dietitians Association of Australia is Australia’s largest and most influential organisation for dietetic and nutrition professionals, representing a growing membership of 7,000 across Australia and overseas. Our mission is to support our members and advocate for important issues that impact the health of the Australian community, such as obesity, aged care, disability and mental health.

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