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Sue Silcox
Sue Silcox Oct 14, 2019

Does your workplace cater to the needs of people living with dementia?

With more people choosing to continue working for longer these days, it’s more likely there will be greater numbers of people experiencing the early signs of dementia while they remain in the workforce. Are employers ready to cope with the inevitable challenges this will bring? There are a number of reasons that Australians are working for longer. We are healthier and living longer lives. The pension age is rising, and we have some of the highest rates of household debt...
Sue Silcox

Sue Silcox

Sue Silcox revels in finding ways to empower those caring for our ageing population, including the challenges that dementia brings. Through BrainSparks and as the Director of Operations of AGE-u-cate, she helps families, communities and caregivers understand and deal with the day-to-day challenges of dementia by sharing simple, practical programs such as Dementia Live, Ageless Grace, and Compassionate Touch.

Sue Silcox
Sue Silcox Sep 25, 2019

What can learning about dementia teach us about ourselves?

  What do we find out about ourselves and those we care for, when we learn more about living with dementia? When we are caring for someone living with dementia, we try our best to understand what the person might be going through and the changes they are experiencing. Over time, we may come to recognise the range of emotions the person feels, and we may learn to anticipate how certain situations will make them react. We do all we...
Playing the trombone in an Ageless Grace class. Image: Sue Silcox.
Sue Silcox
Sue Silcox Jul 30, 2019

Why do we stop playing as we grow older?

We know that children benefit from play. They learn about the world, engage with each other, as well as getting moving and active in their environments. Play is no different for older people, who also can benefit from social connectedness, exercise, and using their minds in creative ways. Play is also simply a great opportunity to have some fun. “You don’t stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing,” said George Bernard Shaw. So...
Human Touch
Sue Silcox
Sue Silcox Jun 26, 2019

Dementia care and the power of human touch

The experience of human touch becomes no less pleasurable or therapeutic as we age, and yet often the only touch that older people receive is related to tasks around their care. But touch can be so much more. It is a way to let someone know we value them, even when they are old or unwell. It shows compassion, and it is a way to demonstrate we care. Touch is also a way to remove some of the stigma surrounding...
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