Ngaire Hobbins
Ngaire Hobbins Feb 20, 2020

$12 billion in aged care funding, yet people are still malnourished. Why?

There have been a number of distressing stories recently about aged care homes either in financial distress or even having closed. Some discussion has been around the impact of the new Aged Care Quality Standards which came into force in July last year, suggesting that meeting these imposes additional financial burdens which impact Aged Care Homes’ viability. Organisations may have needed to address staffing, to ramp up training or to contract outside assistance to bring their systems and processes into...
Ngaire Hobbins

Ngaire Hobbins

I've been a dietitian for decades and have specialised in understanding and supporting the unique needs of older people and those living with dementia for over 20 years. I love working with our fabulous elders and believe everyone deserves to relish every mouthful to the last of the their days. Food brings joy to life and is the cadence of our days, with family, friendships and events large and small revolving around it's preparation and sharing. I'm passionate to see that continue as long as life remains for every person and strive to raise awareness that what's good for someone of 30, 40 or 50, might instead be unhelpful, even dangerous for someone of 70+.

Ngaire Hobbins
Ngaire Hobbins Feb 21, 2019

People may eat poorly in dementia, but what if they are hungry?

I don’t know about you, but if I found myself in a situation where I was sitting with a plate of food in front of me, feeling those all too familiar pangs of hunger, but was unable to decipher the complexities of just how to banish that hunger by manoeuvring the contents of the plate before me into my stomach... I might just grumble at whoever was nearby, I might get up and walk away, I might even lash out...
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