Stewart Johnston
Stewart Johnston Mar 6, 2020

Oakden victim fears Royal Commission will disappoint

  The new 2020 year dawned for most of us with a little extra hope and perhaps a little more optimism. There was a feeling the year could be a catalyst for renewal and that a determined mind could make this year better than the previous ten.  Many around the nation have their parents alive and still with them. Advances in medical treatment and assistive technologies allow us to enjoy an extended life expectancy.  But I found myself...
Stewart Johnston

Stewart Johnston

Stewart's mother Helen experienced abuse at the notorious Oakden nursing home in Sth Australia. Stewart previously cared for both his mother and father and is now an advocate for the elderly and change within the aged care sector.

Stewart Johnson oaken royal commission
Stewart Johnston
Stewart Johnston Oct 25, 2019

Aged Care Royal Commission: The most important is yet to come

As the first, much anticipated reporting instalment of the Aged Care Quality and Safety Royal Commission is now a matter of days away, it’s interesting to observe the multitude of expectations being offered by many, via social media platforms essentially. These days, in addition to our often maligned but essential salt of the earth traditional media, social media, for good and bad, reigns supreme. Enabling a viewpoint to be espoused by millions who would possibly never have been heard in...
Stewart Johnston
Stewart Johnston Mar 22, 2019

Family of Oakden Victim, Addresses Those Involved In Online Bullying

As many readers would be aware, there was an article recently published on HelloCare regarding an unpleasant and extensive example of online harassment, that sadly has been going on for a significant amount of time and one that I found myself involved in as a target, late last year. The basis of the article was the level of online trolling that a number of aged care advocates (some of whom had elderly people family members abused and even murdered in aged...
Stewart Johnston
Stewart Johnston Jan 17, 2019

OAKDEN – My Mum’s Story, And What The Royal Commission Means To Us

In the year 2008, my mother was suffering from numerous health problems and her life was lived in constant and excruciating pain. A decade’s worth of chronic rheumatoid arthritis had confined her to a frame and wheelchair, and she spent many years battling the effects fibromyalgia, Paget’s-Disease and also breast cancer. Pain management was an issue that we had dealt with for many years but unfortunately, as the years went by, medication was helping less and the pain was getting...
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