Nicole Dunn 2
Nicole Dunn
Nicole Dunn Jan 8, 2019

A Carer’s Journey

It was just another shift working as a physio in a Melbourne Emergency Department. Hospitals, Healthcare and Aged Care were all second nature to me; until I received a phone call that changed it all. It was my Aunty on the phone, “I’ve just been at the doctors with Nanna, the doctor wants her to go to Emergency, she looks a bit Jaundiced”. Without hesitation I replied “bring her in”. It made sense, my shift was finishing, and it wasn’t...
Nicole Dunn

Nicole Dunn

Nicole Dunn is a qualified Physiotherapist and Care Coordinator with a specialist interest in Emergency Department care across Melbourne. Acting as a live-in carer for her Nanna (Roma Dunn) who was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in 2015 is Nicole’s greatest achievement to-date and was the inspiration for Empower Aged Care Consulting. Nicole’s passion is assisting older people to continue to live their best possible life at home and to support families / carers in this journey.

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