Lila Dr Landowski
Lila Dr Landowski Dec 21, 2018

Why people with dementia don’t all behave the same

Dementia is the is the leading cause of death among Australian women and the third most common cause of death among men. While dementia is not a normal part of ageing, the biggest risk factor for dementia is advancing age. Given ours is an ageing population, estimates suggest dementia cases are set to almost triple by 2050. Many people associate dementia with memory loss, so it may come as a surprise that dementia is a killer. So, what does it...
Lila Dr Landowski

Lila Dr Landowski

Dr Lila Landowski is a neuroscientist, science communicator and science advocate. She is the 2015 Premier's Young Achiever of the Year, and a finalist for Young Australian of the Year (Tasmania) in 2016. Lila is currently investigating nerve regeneration and stroke. She trained at the Mayo Clinic to cement her status as an emerging leader in the field of peripheral nerve injury. Lila regularly engages with the community through science segments on ABC radio, public talks and in print and digital media. She taught into courses at the University of Tasmania for eight years, working across various subjects for Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Medical Research, Biotechnology, Pharmacy and Science students; as well as coordinating units in the Bachelor of Dementia Care.

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