World aids days
Nigel McGothigan
Nigel McGothigan Dec 1, 2018

HIV and AIDS – A hidden story for older Australians

World AIDS Day falls on 1 December each year and is a day to show our support for people living with HIV and remember people who have been lost to the epidemic. World AIDS Day is recognised internationally, with many countries marking the day with events to raise public awareness of HIV and AIDS care, treatment, research and prevention. In 2017, it was estimated that there were 27,545 people with HIV in Australia. Of these, an estimated 89%, were...
Nigel McGothigan

Nigel McGothigan

LASA’s Member Advocate

Nigel McGothigan is LASA’s Member Advocate. He is a registered nurse with some 25 years of diverse clinical experience including 15 years in the age services industry and has also served as a clinical advisor to the Australian Council of Health Care Standards.

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