Daniel Lummis
Daniel Lummis Nov 12, 2018

Dementia in Aged Care: 10 Vital Questions to Find The Right Aged Care Provider

Caring for a loved one in their old age is a demanding job, both physically and emotionally. Seeing them in such a state where they have trouble doing the things they love is difficult to deal with. This is especially so if that loved one is suffering from dementia. As dementia is a progressive condition, the emotional strain on you will also progressively increase as they slowly forget parts of their life, one after the other. In this vulnerable stage...
Daniel Lummis

Daniel Lummis

Daniel Lummis, Marketing Consultant at Homestyle Aged Care - Homestyle Aged Care has 10 large aged care facilities across Melbourne, Victoria. They have specialised in Aged Care and have been serving Australia for over 30 years.

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