Catherine Loth
Catherine Loth Oct 5, 2018

Chemical restraint destroyed my father’s quality of life

My 81 year old, moderately dementia-affected father was admitted as an in-patient in a private hospital in Queensland on 13 June 2018. I am his Enduring Power of Attorney. He does not have capacity having mixed dementia - vascular dementia and Alzheimers. On his very first night in hospital, without my knowledge or consent, his treating physician authorised the administration of Haloperidol, a 50 year old antipsychotic sedative, for "agitation" as he was getting out of bed often to use the...
Catherine Loth

Catherine Loth

Catherine is a former 21 year policing veteran, serving in the Queensland Police Service. Her leadership and management experience across operational and corporate roles prepared her well for life beyond the “thin blue line”. Catherine is now a business owner, with a breadth of experience in business systemisation, auditing, business change and project management across diverse industries including construction, education, utilities and more. On occasions, she works for a leading university helping postgraduate students in Australia and abroad achieve academic success. Since her father’s diagnosis of Alzheimers and vascular dementia, Catherine has developed a very keen interest in advocating for dementia sufferers and their carers and agitating for change. Her father is a resident in an aged care facility, her mother receives a Home Care Package and with her own busy family, she understands the reality that only comes from living in the aged care system.

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