Jakob Neeland
Jakob Neeland Sep 13, 2018

My Two Grandmas: Bonding with Schizophrenia

The older you get, the more you realise that there is actually no such thing as normal. Your perception of the status quo is solely dictated by a combination of what you see, and the frequency in which you see it. And it's amazing what a person can get used to. I spent the majority of my young life alongside my mother and my grandmother in a small, humble home nestled in Melbourne’s inner West. This was the village that...
Jakob Neeland

Jakob Neeland

HelloCare - Creative Director

Somewhere throughout my formative years, my absolutely abysmal lack of mathematical talent began to compensate for itself in the form of a storytelling skill set. My passion for creative writing is showcased throughout a career that has seen me create copy for everything, from the intricate minutia of long winded technical documents, through to the sing-song cadence and poetry of a well crafted song, aimed at pre school children. My unorthodox career path has allowed me to connect with people from numerous walks of life, which has enhanced my ability to find the appropriate tones within my writing to resonate with a specified audience. I spent my formative years growing up alongside my grandmother and witnessed firsthand, the effects of an overwhelmed aged care system and the systematic lack of empathy afforded to elderly Australians. I hope to be a voice for those who go unheard, and shine some light on the most overqualified, yet undervalued people in our country. I do this for me, and I do this for her.

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