Susan Ashby
Susan Ashby Sep 9, 2018

10 Activities for Seniors to Boost Their Mood

  As we age, it’s not uncommon to struggle with finding activities and routines that benefit us the most. If it’s difficult to get out of the house, you may not want to participate in activities outside of the home or away from your senior home care aide. Thankfully, though, science has come a long way in understanding how our activities improve–or negatively affect–our lives. Low-impact exercise Exercise can be a fantastic mood booster! As we work out, we release...
Susan Ashby

Susan Ashby

Susan Ashby joined the Superior Senior Care team in July of 2014 as Community Relations Manager. With over 27 years of experience in geriatric health, Susan brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to Superior Senior Care and plays an integral part in connecting consumers and communities with resources for independent living.

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