Michael Dr Wong
Michael Dr Wong Sep 6, 2018

The life changing hospital attack that transformed a leading Neurosurgeon and Spinal Surgeon

Dr Michael Wong, an experienced Neurosurgeon and Spinal Surgeon, had no idea his life would be turned upside down on what was supposed to be a normal day at work. In 2014, his life changed when he arrived for work at the Western Hospital in Footscray and was stabbed 14 times in his arms, chest, abdomen and forehead by a mentally ill patient in a frenzied attack. Horrified staff and patients ran to his assistance and he was immediately rushed...
Michael Dr Wong

Michael Dr Wong

Dr Wong is an award winning Neurosurgeon and Spinal Surgeon who has been accredited with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, PhD, Bachelor of Medical Science with Honours and was awarded the Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

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